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Management team

The CEO is responsible for the strategy execution and managing the company's operations according to the instructions and resolutions of the Board of Directors. The Management Team supports the CEO in managing the operations.

Heikki Pesu


Born 1967

Heikki Pesu has been the CEO of Viafin Service since February 13th 2023. Psu was the Chairman of the Board of Viafin Service between March 1st 2019 and February 13th 2023 and a member of the Board between 2018-2023. He also served as a member of the Board of Viafin Oy from 2017 until October 2018. He has been the CEO of Consti Talotekniikka Oy since 2021. In addition, he has served as the CEO of Are Oy in 2011–2021, as the Regional Director at Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka Oy in 2010–2011 and in various management positions at Tekmanni Oy and Tekmanni Uusimaa Oy in 1996–2010. Heikki Pesu holds a M.Sc. (Tech) degree.

Patrik Hämälä


Born 1987

Patrik Hämälä has been the CFO and member of the group management team at Viafin Service Oyj since 2018. Hämälä acted as int. CEO between November 2022 and February 2023. Before the current positions as a CFO Patrik Hämälä was a Controller at Viafin Process Piping and has also held the position of a Financial Analyst at Gartner Denver Oy during 2014-2016. Patrik Hämälä holds a M.Sc.Economics degree.

Marko Haapasalmi

Managing Director of Viafin GAS

Born 1970

Marko Haapasalmi has been the Managing Director of Viafin GAS and member of the group management team since 1.4.2021. Before joining Viafin Service Marko Haapasalmi was the Vice President of Operations at Patria Aviation Oy since 2017. Marko Haapasalmi holds an eMBA degree.

Panu Rastas

Managing Director, Viafin Process Piping Oy

Born 1980

Panu Rastas has been the Managing Director of Viafin Process Piping Oy since 2.5.2022. Before the held a position as the Director of Process Piping and Projects business. He is also member of the group management team since 14.3.2022. Before joining Viafin Service Panu Rastas was a management team member and Maintenance Director at Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy. Panu Rastas holds a B.Eng. degree.

Jukka Yli-Penttilä

Managing Director, Viafin Industrial Service Oy

Born 1970

Jukka Yli-Penttilä has been the Managing Director of Viafin Industrial Service Oy since 11 April, 2023. Yli-Penttilä is responsible for the service, maintenance and other service operations of Viafin's Industrial Service businesses. Yli-Penttilä has strong experience and know-how in management positions in maintenance and service business. Yli-Penttilä has previously worked as CEO at Oy Botnia Mill Service Ab and as a member of the management team of Caverion's Industrial Division. Ylä-Penttilä has a master's degree in engineering.