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Sustainability is part of Viafin Service’s values, which are rectitude, entrepreneurship, quality and sustainability and responsibility. At the heart of Viafin Service's service operations are our employees together with our customers.

Our sustainability program is built around these pillars:

Our customers and business

Our business consists of providing maintenance services to the Finnish industrial sector. Industrial services and maintenance playa key part in improving resource efficiency. The work we do extends the economic life cycle of machinery and facilities and reduces resource waste. We partner with our customers in building and maintaining more energy efficient solutions, as well in implementing together new cleaner energy production technology investments. A significant part of our business is generated by the energy and gas industry, where we are enabling the transition towards greener energy solutions in cooperation with our customers.

Our employees

We are a responsible and fair employer that cares about the well-being of our employees. Equality and equal treatment of all is an uncompromisable premise for us. As a key indicator, we monitor and develop occupational safety with certified systems and processes. By monitoring and measuring occupational safety, we aim to achieve a culture of continuous improvement.

Certified systems

Our certified quality management systems are an important part of a sustainable operating culture. We use, e.g., ISO 9001 Quality management systems, ISO 14001 Environmental management systems and ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems in our operations.

Corporate governance

The company complies with the Limited Liability Companies Act of Finland and the first North Growth Market Finland rules in organizing its administration. The responsibility for the supervision and administration of the company is divided between the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the CEO. More about the administration at sijoittaja.viafinservice.fi.

Environmental foot print

We actively evaluate the impact of our operations tothe environment, and we aim to direct towards selecting solutions that have the lowest environmental foot print. We mainly operate in our customers' premises and production facilities and cooperate closely with our customers to support the implementation of better environmental solutions.

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