Viafin Service as an investment

Why to invest in Viafin Service

Strong track record of profitable growth

Viafin Service has grown during 2008–2023 on an annual rate of 28 % (CAGR). We have demonstrated the ability to grow organically and through successful acquisitions. We have maintained solid profitability levels throughout in combination with our growth. The market trend favors outsourcing, automation, energy efficiency measures and digitalization of industrial maintenance operations which will provide significant future growth opportunities. In addition to growing our revenue we target solid profitability levels.

Long-term business performance


The business model provides predictability and evens out cyclicality

Around 75% of our business comes from industrial service and maintenance and the remaining 25% come from our project business. The most important are of our business is the industrial service and maintenance business which we aim to complement with our project business.

Service and maintenance are needed regardless of the business cycle

We serve our customers when they increase their capacity, make investments in production, renew machinery and build new facilities. Such actions are often implemented during a stronger economic cycle. On the other hand, we are also there to serve our customers during a weaker economic cycle. Industrial maintenance needs often increase during downturns, when our customers need to extend the life cycle of current machines, equipment and plants and focus on optimizing efficiency in production. Thus, the role of a service and maintenance partner is important and, in many situations, a critical function for our customers' operations regardless of the economic cycle.

Asset light business

Our business is asset light keeping our investment needs reasonably low. This strengthens the ability to produce high returns on equity and supports cashflow generation. The cash flow profile supports possible future acquisitions and the ability to pay dividends to our shareholders.


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