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Viafin Service as a company

Viafin Service

Viafin Service is a trusted partner in industrial maintenance services. We operate in all relevant industrial locations in Finland. Our local service units enhance our customer knowledge and support long-term customer relationships and the forming of genuine partnerships. The core of our business is in industrial maintenance services which we complement with our project business.

We are one of the leading industrial piping service companies in Finland and have especially strong expertise in the industrial process piping services of process industries. In the energy sector we cover the service and maintenance needs of LNG and Biogas producers, networks and distributors. In addition, we serve the critical national high-pressure gas transmission network.

During the past years we have continued to expand our service offering in industrial maintenance services to serve more broadly additional industries. Our offering ranges from hourly work to fully outsourced maintenance services and from mechanical to electrical and automation maintenance services.

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Our service offering covers

  • Industrial piping installations and maintenance
  • Industrial maintenance services from mechanical, electrical to automation services
  • Outsourcing of maintenance operations
  • Small scale industrial piping services
  • Welding and installation work
  • LNG projects
  • Gas distribution and transmission network services
  • Gas filling stations

Largest customer sectors

  • Pulp and board industry
  • Energy and Power
  • Gas and gas distribution industry
  • Chemical industries


Sustainability is part of Viafin Service’s values, which are rectitude, entrepreneurship, quality and sustainability and responsibility. At the heart of Viafin Service's service operations are our employees together with our customers.


Viafin Service has grown significantly during its operating history.

The roots of the company are in the machinery operations of Viafin Oy. Industrial process piping has been manufactured in various Viafin group companies. In 2008 Viafin Oy made the strategic decision to invest more in the industrial process piping business and opened two regional units the following year in Jämsä and Pori. In 2011 the business was consolidated into one company called Viafin Process Piping Oy. The same year the company made its first acquisition and expanded to Keminmaa.

During 2012-2016 The company expanded its network of regional units to Kurikka, Tampere, Vantaa and Lappeenranta. The Vantaa operations were consolidated under a single company called Viafin Uusimaa Piping to provide incentive structures for the employees and to pilot new operating models.

Viafin installation Oy was formed in 2017 when Viafin West Welding sold its installations and maintenance services to Viafin Installation.

During the spring in 2018 Viafin Process Piping expanded to hydraulics and small bore piping. And during the summer the same year the new parent company of the group Viafin Service Oy was formed.

Viafin Service Oyj acquired Gasum Tekniikka Oy in February 2019. Gasum Tekniikka Oy became Viafin Gas Oy that same spring and provides today a wide range of services for LNG and biogas systems, production and distribution.

Viafin Industrial services Oy was established in 2019 to build a comprehensive offering regarding industrial services and maintenance needs for various industries.