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Strategy and financial targets

Our ambition is to grow within our current business areas and to expand our service offering into new market segments. In addition to organic growth, we aim to expand our product and service expertise through acquisitions. Specifically, we aim to continuously grow the share of our maintenance service business. We have a target to keep the share of our maintenance service business at above 75 percent of total revenue.

We have room to grow our business in our existing business areas, and with the new services we will be able to expand significantly into ever larger markets. The estimated size of the strategically relevant market in Finland is approximately EUR 2 billion.

The strategically relevant size of the market in Finland for our service portfolio is estimated to be at approximately EUR 2 billion.

Organic growth through new units and expansion of services

We aim to continuously strengthen the business and competitiveness of our local service units. Our goal is to build a service network that geographically covers Finland with special emphasis on all the relevant industrial locations. The aim is to over time roll out the wide service offering to all service units throughout Finland.

To new service areas by acquisitions

We are actively evaluating potential acquisitions to expand our service portfolio into new services such as electrical, automation, pump and valve maintenance, and other industrial maintenance services. We also seek to strengthen our competitive advantage through new digital solutions. The acquisition of Viafin Gas Oy is a great example of a targeted expansion into a new service area covering the maintenance services in gas distribution and production industries. We rely on our ability to find the most suitable acquisition targets and to integrate the acquisition targets into the Group.

Strategy priorities

Expand our service offering into new market segments within industrial maintenance services

Geographical expansion

Expanding our new range of services to cover Finland nationwide

Building competitive advantage with digital solutions

Strengthening the local competitiveness of our businesses

Dividend policy add

Our goal is to distribute a dividend of at least 30–50 percent of the net result for the financial year adjusted for amortization of goodwill. The dividend proposal is considered by taking into account the company's earnings development, future outlook, as well as possible investments in organic growth or acquisitions within the strategy.

Our values add


We operate in all situations in accordance with general ethical requirements and values and are committed to achieving our business goals fostering the assets and reputation of both our customers and our company.


We constantly encourage members of our organization to look for best practices and improvements with new ideas. The courage to act is also reflected in open interaction with customers and partners.


The company and our employees are committed to always deliver the best possible quality in our internal operations and in the services and products delivered for the customer. The company has the following audited quality management certificates and systems: (ISO 9001) Quality management systems, (ISO 14001) Environmental management systems, (OHSAS 18001), Occupational Health and Safety management systems, (ISO 3834-2) Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
(ISO 1090-2 -FI) Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures

Sustainability and responsibility

Equality and equal treatment for all is the undisputed basis of our company. In addition, we strive to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, by reducing negative environmental impacts and by improving energy efficiency considering future generations.

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