Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The responsibilities for the governance and management of the company are divided to the Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company is governed by Finnish law and regulations and the First North Rules.

Because the company’s stock is not listed on the main listing (NASDAQ Helsinki), the company is not obliged to comply with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code for Finnish listed companies. The decision not to fully comply with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code is justifiable based on the size of the company and its business operations. The company however makes efforts to follow the principles and practices of the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, tailored to the current size of its operations.

Viafin Service decided on the transition from Finnish Accounting Standards (FAS) to apply the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in its financial reporting. Viafin Service published its first consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS for the financial year ended 31 December 2021. Viafin Service has previously prepared its financial statements, the management's interim statement and half-year financial reports in accordance with Finnish accounting standards.

Please note that should there be conflicts between the English and Finnish translations of any statements, Finnish takes precedence.

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